Wortley Top Forge

Believed to be the only remaining ironworks of its kind in Britain still on its original site. The Forge buildings were first built in the early to mid- 17th century and subequently extended in 1713. Its waterwheels, sluices, dam and hammers are still intact. The museum contains 18th and 19th century waterpowered hammers and handpowered cranes, while the foundry houses a very large collection of working stationary steam engines. Located beside the River Don within a few miles of both Sheffield and Barnsley, (see map), the site is a a haven of wildlife with flora and fauna in abundance all year round. The Forge has its own non-operational 400mm gauge industrial track around the site with a number of relics and old hopper wagons on display. This railway is believed to be French in origin from the 1890's.

For more information, see the Wortley Top Forge Website http://www.topforge.co.uk/

For some superb panoramic views of the Forge site, click here.

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