Tidying up the Lister

When delivered to the site, the engine was rusty but more or less complete and in working order, only the wheels and drive belt looked beyond hope. It came apart quite easily and, armed with angle grinder and wire brush, I set to, depositing a layer of reddish brown dust on every flat surface in the workshop, and much of the house as well ( not popular with the wife). It looked better though and an examination of the ‘mechanics’ suggested it would benefit from me leaving well alone; if it ain’t broke, etc. The congealed oil needed sorting …….more muck and unpopularity!
And so to primer and paint. Signal Red for the truck and New Brunswick Green (best match to the existing colour I could find) for the engine and pump. Red for the driving wheels as well; a bit Fun Fair but not as boring as plain green.
The magneto top was a bit of a challenge as the Bakelite had suffered around the screw holes leaving it located rather than fixed. A bit of making good with plastic and Araldite seems to have done the job.

Re-assembly proceeded without drama but the wheels and drivebelt remained a problem. And it will probably come as no surprise to anyone to learn that the Open Day , once so far in the future, was rapidly approaching! A friend of a friend saved the day with four rubber tyred wheels (it’s great working for a large company with departments for everything!) and by increasing the adjustment of the pump the V belt could be shortened and riveted.

With the addition of oil, petrol, water and a swing or two of the handle she ( you can see I’m getting fond of it now) started with ease. And with the pump primed, water flowed impressively too……what a relief.

Some willing(?) helpers got the Lister into and out of the car and we were set up for a first run on the ‘show field’. Several members were kind enough to comment on her improved condition, asked technical questions I couldn’t answer and one pointed out the problem I’d missed. Oil was oozing out of the pump! I still think I overfilled it.
Visitors also showed an interest as she popped and gushed away including a particularly memorable conversation with a chap who is rebuilding a five valve water pump (whatever that is) apparently from scrap condition.

Have I mentioned the lack of a handle? It does make manoeuvring tricky but fabrication is underway to solve this problem. I’ve also discovered some transfers to increase her ‘originality’. A nice brass tap to let the water out would be good and I rather liked the suggestion, made by one member at the open day, that a generator set would be nice …………..seems like this is becoming addictive!!!

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