Lister Stationary Industrial Engine


It is not uncommon for societies to benefit from donations, but these usually take the form of financial gifts. The latest gift is not only unusual and welcome, but is yet another thing to add to the ever-growing ‘lister things to do’! It is a Lister model D single-cylinder stationary petrol engine with Climax water pump. This was given to us by Mr Mike Aindow of Sheffield. In good working order, the engine may find valuable use, but will certainly be an additional attraction at Open Days and similar events, even if it just sits and chugs away all day to attract visitors! Little is known about the history of the engine, but Mike bought it around twelve years ago.
For the benefit of any Lister enthusiasts, identification marks include the serial number 184156 and type details 26D2M (or H?) and rating (1000RPM) on the engraved brass makers plate, plus D203 cast on to the flywheel. On the cylinder block, 2Y2 and D/602 appear, while on the cooling tank, Lister 25 D309 is stamped.

We have been able to track down the serial number to a range between 180177 and 186833 thus indicating that our specimen comes from a production batch made in1943.
The engine was collected on a Sunday morning in October and delivered to Wortley at lunchtime. By 3pm, following much poking, prodding and close inspection by numerous members, we had the plug and points removed, cleaned and replaced, and amid a large cloud of black smoke, the engine spluttered into life. Ten minutes later, it was running sweetly!

We soon found a willing volunteer to strip the machine down, undertake some heavy-duty cleaning, and then a couple of coats of new paint.
Click here for some notes on the restoration work undertaken. The Lister is barely recognisable from the rusty hulk we started with, and the machine spent most of the day pumping water furiously from its associated Climax pump at the recent Open Day. The two pictures below show the newly-restored machine in all its new glory!